Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Makeover Madness (#TPTSellerChallenge)

I'm participating in the TPT seller challenge (#tptsellerchallenge) and this week it' Makeover Madness time!  This is perfect timing for me because as some of you may have already seen, I have slowly been making over some old projects of mine for the past 3 months!  Today I can give you a peak at some of the changes I've made to my covers and why I have changed them! 
Like most TPT sellers, I had NO idea what I was doing at first on TPT and I will whole heartedly admit some of my first few projects weren't my finest.  Now 15 months into my TPT journey I feel like I have created a product (my patterns) that I can be proud of and that are a TOTAL timesaver for teachers in their classrooms and homes.  Here's my before and after picture of my Super Hero Cut and Paste Bundle.
Let's talk about the before cover...
Let's talk text.  While my before cover really wasn't so bad, there were some things I wanted to change.  The first thing that I noticed was the title of each individual project on this cover was super hard to read!  It was way too small and that's not good when it comes to buyers looking at your project.  If they can't read the title as a thumbnail, changes are they will pass it right up.  The next thing that really bugged me was that none of the texts I chose popped!  I love me some KG fonts and from all her helpful hints this past year have learned that you should have 3 different fonts on a page at a time.  So my title now uses two fonts and I think it has that POP I was looking for with the remaining font used on other text. 
Clip art is super important on a cover, as teachers want to see the cute stuff!  So while my clipart was fine (STILL love Scrappin Doodles), some of the placement wasn't great and I honestly wanted to try some new clip art.  I was using Scrappin Doodles for EVERYTHING at first (were talking my first 200 projects at least) and I just wanted to try some other talented clip artists on TPT (there are SO many!).  My new favorite clip artist is Graphics from the Pond and I just think her clip art really gives my covers some much needed fun.  Her scrappy stuff is just too cute! 
Okay now for some really important changes.  After continually doing research on copyrights I put a proper copyright on the cover and all pages of each project.  You will now see my store name, the year, and me- the author are included!  Be sure to do this as it protects you work.  Another big change I made was adding my logo to the bottom right side corner of the cover.  This will slowly be done to all of my projects so when you see them you will know I created the project and what to expect from it (if you've already purchased a pattern from me obviously).  I LOVE that I follow the same templates for all my projects so YOU know what you are getting from me and there are no surprises. 
The final change was a small one, I made the background slightly smaller which left me room to make all the previous changes mentioned.  Eh, kind of boring but still important :)
Hope you guys liked my makeover madness and if your a seller there is still time to join up!  It's a great way to keep you on task this summer.  Also if you have previously bought a project from me check "your purchases" as I may have revised it, which means you can redownload it and get the newer version for free!  Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. Great job on the makeover! This is such a cute product!


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