Saturday, November 29, 2014

TPT Super Cyber Sitewide Sale

Hey Everyone! Just checking in to share some new holiday products and to let you know TPT is have it's Super Cyber Savings Sale this Monday and Tuesday December 1st and 2nd.  By using the code "TPTCYBER" you will save 28% on all my products!  A great time to stock up on holiday products or something you might need in the coming months!
Here are some great new holiday products that have been added to my store this month.  They will all save you time during the busy holiday season and make your bulletin boards look Christmas worthy!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Time Already?

We are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving and I just can't believe how fast this fall has gone by.  My husband and I purchased a house late September and finally got the keys this past week.  I am SO thankful to be done with the home purchasing process and have a place to raise our daughter that we love.  Buying a home certainly has its up and downs, it's a long drawn out rollercoaster ride but is so gratifying once you have the keys in your hand and can pull into a driveway that's yours.  Here's our perfect little home.
 And here's my daughter welcoming me home.  She's already left her mark as you can see, smearing that cute little face all over the front door. 
Laina has already explored our backyard and found some leaves to play in.  New home in the fall= a welcome home present of raking leaves! I better purchase a rake ASAP!
And here's my little girl enjoying a must-have of mine: a kitchen island!  It's where I do a lot of my work for Teachers Pay Teachers and allows me to work and watch her at the same time.  Always multi-tasking as a mom.  Plus I just can't wait to start baking with this little one on it.  Speaking of baking...Have you seen my Thanksgiving Feast Cut and Paste Set? 
 I just love this set for talking to the little ones about what foods we eat at Thanksgiving time.  You could make individual projects with your students or what I'd personally do is make them yourself, then laminate them, and use them as props with stories that talk about Thanksgiving Dinner, the traditions, and foods.  By laminating them you can use them for years to come, such a time saver!
Thanksgiving Feast Cut and Paste Set
I also created my Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Set!  These Pilgrims and Indians are about 2 feet tall when you are done making them but can be made smaller by reducing the patterns on a copier.  No Thanksgiving Celebration is complete without talking about who the Pilgrims and Indians are, and don't forget to mention the turkey! 
Happy "Soon to Be" Thanksgiving everyone, look out for Christmas Creations next!
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