Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Arrrgh You Ready to See Some Pirates?

Some more great photos of projects I have created, this time pirate themed! Thanks again Kitty's Childcare for providing these.  I just love seeing my projects in action :)

You can find the whole set here:



Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back from Vacation

I am back from vacation and have been waiting patiently to return so I could share some great pictures of my projects in action.  A big thanks to Katherine from Kitty's Childcare for sharing these, it looks like her kids had a blast with this ocean themed unit!

You can find patterns and directions for these cute projects here:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Florida Love

Taking a break from work this week (Okay, fine.  I still have my computer with me and might sneak in some computer work from time to time. Haha.) to enjoy some sun and family in Florida! 
These photos were from last year's trip (We go literally EVERY year.)  
Have a wonderful week everyone and I'll talk to you when I get back!  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Meet Laura (That's me!)

They say blogs should be 80% content, 20% product.  So here's my first attempt (and hopefully I will get better at this!) at providing some content.  Today I thought I'd introduce myself a little and talk about how I got started creating the products that I create! 
My cute little family (Husband Brad, Daughter Laina, and Me!)
I am an almost 30 ( one month left to go...eeek! ) stay at home mom with not one but TWO degrees!  I graduated several years back with a degree in Interior Design and didn't have much success due to the economy at finding at job unless I wanted to work at a furniture store ( which  I tried and let me tell you...I am way too shy to be a salesperson!).  So after marrying my husband, Brad and moving to California while he was pursuing his career as a United States Marine, I went back to school online at Western Governors University for my Early Childhood Education Degree.  We are now currently back in Illinois, have a beautiful daughter name Laina together, and I am just waiting to receive my Illinois license.  While the wait for my license has been hard, I will be honest and say I am some what grateful for it.  And here's why...
When I was 16 I started working for my aunt at her preschool and daycare program and throughout the years have worked there a combine total of 12 years!  As a teacher's assistant I not only worked with kids but also created a TON of projects, bulletin boards, etc.  I quickly learned that teachers want projects made so they can easily be used again and again each year and save themselves TIME!  So that's what I did for her program... I created projects with the capability of being reused each year simply by making an original of the project and Xeroxing sheets of patterns that could be copied directly onto construction paper. I made a sample of the project, drew up patterns, and worked with the children on it.  Then when we were done, I put those ingredients in a bag and filed them away for the next year. I honestly never thought much of all the projects I created...
...until this past year when I was introduced to the Teacher's Pay Teacher's website while I was student teaching.  I saw this website and thought I totally could do something on here.  So after not have much success on Etsy, I gave the TpT (short for Teacher's Pay Teachers) website a try.  I have now been on the website for 4 months and am AMAZED at what I have accomplished on there.  Today I have 214 products, 77 followers, and could not be happier.   My hope is that it can only get better from here....and hopefully I can continue being a stay at home mom that is self-employed.  Will it be a waste of two degrees...maybe.  Is it my dream job? Yes, and for right now I'm all in.
My pride and joy....and soon to be my cut and paste sample maker! Haha.
So that's a little about how this all got started....why I now have a blog ( which I NEVER thought I'd have) and what I hope to accomplish....bringing the "BUZZ" back into the classroom.  Cause let's face it, with all the testing, standards, etc. kids still need to learn in a way that is fun and that's what I'm hoping to provide here.  Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shape Owl Cut and Paste Freebie

Today I reached 75 followers at my Teacher's Pay Teachers store! To celebrate my "followers that are sweet like honey" here's a freebie!  This Shape Owl Cut and Paste is great for talking about colors, basic shapes, and their attributes.  I used this while I was substitute teaching with a first grade class and they just loved it! 
Shape Owl Cut and Paste Freebie

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Super Heroes

Super Heroes are huge with kids these days! With all those comic book movies out there this set is sure to be a hit!  Use it for a super hero themed classroom, bulletin board, or a fun project to do with your students.  Each super hero ends up being approximately 2 feet tall!  If you feel that's too big, as with any of my projects feel free to make it smaller by shrinking the templates on a copier to the size you see fit.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Community Helpers

This just in! Community Helpers Cut and Paste Set.  This adorable set includes a fireman, policeman, chef, teacher, postman, farmer, construction worker, doctor, nurse, and veterinarian.  What do your students want to be when they grow up?

A Very Busy Summer

This summer I have been very busying building up my store with some great new creations.  Take a look at a few of my personal favorites!
I love this set because it includes projects for every letter of the alphabet.  It is great for room d├ęcor or to make with your students as they are learning their ABC's. 
This Ocean Cut and Paste Set has been a hit! As one of my best sellers it works wonderfully for a bulletin board and talking with your students about the different animals of the ocean.
If you're planning to have a pirate themed classroom, you'll want this set! So many projects to decorate your classroom with or to do with your students throughout the year.


Hi All! Welcome to my blog.  My name is Laura and I am currently a stay at home mom, substitute teacher, and as I like to call it a, "Cut and Paste Artist," working through the wonderful Teacher's Pay Teacher's website where I am the proud store owner of Crafty Bee Creations. 
My niche on this website is creating cut and paste projects where I provide teachers with directions and patterns to easily replicate my creations in their own classroom.  The great thing about my patterns is they are set up so teachers can easily put them through a copier and copy them directly onto colored paper.  Then all they have to do is pass the copied patterns out to their students and let the cutting and gluing begin.  For students who can trace the patterns themselves I also provide templates that can be copied on to cardstock and used as tracers. To show you an example of my work check out my Apple Freebie below and download it here:

 This of course is one of my very basic patterns but it represents the quality of my work.  I have been creating patterns for over ten years for a preschool program and believe in making patterns that are size appropriate with clean lines for students to cut.  I try to keep the patterns spaced out so that you are getting the most you can out of a sheet of construction paper while students are still getting enough construction paper to turn their paper appropriately while cutting.  All of my cut and paste projects are set up the same (Cover Page, Picture of Project, Directions, Cardstock Templates, Construction Paper Templates, & Credits) so you will always know what you are getting when your purchase something from me. 
* Please Note: If something is marked as a craftivity it will typically include a writing prompt and other worksheets which are not included in a  cut and paste project.

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